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Real-time monitoring and reporting for remote desktop servers.
Track your servers and websites’ health to troubleshoot issues faster.

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Use our server monitoring software to better manage your server!

TSplus Server Monitoring gives you facts and data about your server, applications and users. Get a clear understanding of its usage and performance. It will provide you with relevant reports to fully get control of your environment. Monitor your server and website from one interface, so you can understand, predict and avoid any issue that could harm your production!

Server Monitoring by TSplus

TSplus Server Monitoring provides comprehensive server monitoring with easy-to-use customizable reporting tools.

Download the trial version (15 days).

Server monitoring software for remote access infrastructures


  • Quick to deploy
  • No complicated reports designer
  • No long days required to setup complex reports

Out-of-the-box, it displays the most useful data extracted from your server and from your website.


Using Server Monitoring, save your company money by monitoring applications licensed “by user” and detecting over-licensed applications or even unused software!

Server Monitoring helps you to optimize your software resources and reduce unnecessary costs.


Server Monitoring helps you discover quick wins such as moving some users from overloaded servers to an under-used server, and planning for the long-term your IT infrastructure evolution.

Thanks to smart and easy-to-read reports, you can increase your server’s performance and your users’ productivity!


Server Monitoring gives you facts and data about your server usage (CPU, Memory, I/O, Disks), applications usage and users’ activity on Remote Desktop Services.

Get historical and real-time detailed reports on your website health, availability, performances and responses.


Server Monitoring allows you to track activity, resource usage and events with real-time email and web alerts that are customizable.

Don’t wait for your users to complain! Monitor your server for unexpected usage spikes, and site for long time responses or downtime duration.

Setting up a remote desktop infrastructure for your business?

Discover TSplus Remote Access Enterprise Plus, the all-in-one solution for your piece of mind. Get TSplus Remote Access combined with TSplus Advanced Security, TSplus Server Monitoring and TSplus Two-Factor Authentication.

How does our server monitoring software work?

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